Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Students Rate Highly Learning Culture at IIHMR

Organization culture of the education and research institutions is critical for their image and performance.  A survey of IIHMR students’ perceptions on core values or ethos viz, openness, confrontation, trust, authenticity, proaction, autonomy, collaboration and experimentation was conducted.  Over 100 students of the postgraduate program in hospital and health management, and pharmaceutical management were administered an HRD instrument, OCTAPACE. The students reported that IIHMR was very high core values of organizational culture. The mean scores for openness were 20% higher than standard normal mean scores based on the other organizations. So were the mean scores on other important attributes such as Trust, and Proaction. Collaboration and Experimentation were other core values which achieved more than normal standard mean scores. Confrontation and Authenticity, the other core values which were as good as standard mean scores.

The students felt reported that faculty was trustworthy and competent that allowed confronting them with straight and tough questioning. The students appreciated the culture of openness and trust between them and the faculty. Experimenting with innovative approaches of teaching ensured incorporating contemporary knowledge and skills.

These core values a culture have enable IIHMR reach the top of the ranking in hospital and health management education in India, and recognition at the international levels.