Friday, 24 January 2014

Pedagogy of MBA in Rural Management, IIHMR, Jaipur

MBA in Rural Management at IIHMR is a course that seeks to carve a middle ground between conventional management education and development studies. Classroom teaching as well field based learning are accorded equal importance throughout the roll out of the curriculum over two years.  Courses offered are grouped under four categories-Foundational, Functional, Integrative and Development Practice.  

The core of pedagogy seeks to balance analytical, professional, and experiential learning with the inspiration to act progressively in different spheres of life to truly impact life at the grassroots level necessary for the greater common good of countless people negotiating India’s “rural-urban continuum. Students are equipped to analyse, reflect, plan and execute sustainable development strategies in rural areas. 

The course enables students to apply rigor and professionalism towards challenging issues of rural transformation in sectors as diverse as basic services like health, education, rural livelihoods, water security and sanitation by applying a judicious mix of traditional knowledge of communities with new appropriate technologies available in ICTs or renewable energy. One of the core objectives of the pedagogy is to inculcate values of active and responsible citizenship and humanist empathy for rural communities.