IIHMR has created a critical mass of professional managers in hospital and health management, and health systems research in India and abroad. There is a paradigm change in management of hospitals and health systems, largely attributed to the IIHMR Graduates in last two decades. 

During the year 2015-16, the University created alumni cell which has been manned by a full time alumni executive. The Alumni Association is registered body and the alumni cell establishes live communication with the alumni. The alumni cell also helps the graduating students with smooth induction into their work environment; develops and promotes short-term and long-term training programmes for the enhancement of knowledge and skill of the alumni; and identifies and spreads information about new job opportunities among the alumni. Besides, the alumni do help with placement of the students, share experience of IIHMR courses in Saturday seminars, organise guest lecturers of prominent industry experts, provide feedback on existing courses, and suggest for the emerging skill needs of the industry. They shared database and promote scholarly write-ups, such as case studies and articles which could be used as study material by the students. 

The University has taken a decision to involve its alumni in various governing structures of the University. Therefore, Shri Deepak Venugopal, an alumnus of the University has been made special invitee member in the Board of Management of the University and likewise Shri Neelkanth Bhoi and Shri Preet Matani have also been made part of the academic council of the University. 

The University organized alumni meet on October 3,2015 at the time of annual conference. The School of Rural Management (SRM) organized its alumni meet on February 20-21, 2016 wherein 34 alumni participated. The University values the suggestions of its alumni even while reviewing the course curricula.