Those were the great moments of our lives to be in IIHMR for two years and to learn from best faculties in Healthcare sector. We are in a way a dynamic Industry which requires us to update ourselves regularly either from our colleagues or from our esteemed faculty members with whom we can discuss our problems and likely solutions to overcome professional hurdles. Every visit to the Institute is exciting, memorable and professionally enriching.  
Dr. Fahad Mustafa Khan

I owe my current success entirely to this Institute, the very experienced faculty members and to my batch mates. I still remember the sleepless nights spent preparing for different projects, seminars, presentations, workshops, foundation day celebration and of course preparing for examinations. The PGDHM program has inculcated in me the team playing skills, interpersonal skills, leadership qualities and the ability to meet deadlines. It has prepared me to face the challenges of professional world well before I graduated.
I wish the final year students all the very bestfor their bright future ahead .....
Rohit Kumar

Government of Gujarat has been working with the alumni of Indian Institute of Health Management and Research, Jaipur for the last 3-4 years. They have made an excellent contribution to the health sector in the State. Thanks to their active role; the State today plays a leading role in the country in the implementation of National Rural Health Mission.
The Hospital Administration Graduates have played a key role as Assistant Hospital Administrators in improving patient satisfaction with the public hospitals in the State. Eight public hospitals in the State are now ready for accreditation by National Accreditation Board for Hospitals. Similarly, they have been actively involved with the implementation of hospital management information system in the district hospitals. The State has been honored with many awards for the same. We in the Government of Gujarat are very happy, indeed proud to work with the IIHMR graduates. They bring fresh ideas, unbounded enthusiasm and a keen sense of commitment to the marginalized groups. Their excellent training at IIHMR is the proverbial icing on the cake.
Dr. Amarjit Singh, I.A.S.

I am fortunate enough to be associated with IIHMR as a guest faculty, as an external resource for screening of students for admission, as a guide to enable the students to complete their summer placement, as a recruiter of students to offer them lucrative careers in Health and Hospital management, and finally also as a parent of one of the students of IIHMR. In all my interactions with management, faculty and students of IIHMR, I have found that everybody associated with IIHMR has a missionary zeal, a high level of commitment for improving health and hospital systems, and is working to fill an acute shortage of trained manpower resources in this very crucial sector of health management.
Arun Datta

IIHMR is a cosmopolitan and cultural melting pot. Students, carefully chosen from different parts of India provide us with a refreshing attitude and capacity to acclimatize to the tough and varied environments demanded by different hospitals. The world class campus is conducive to this building up of character among these students and they are ready to face the world once they are through its portals. I cherish my long association with them and cherish the great managers who are adorning our hospital leadership today.
Kumar S. Krishnaswamy

Because IIHMR's Health Management program is the best program in the country as far as knowledge and skills are concerned, they are honed in the institute by the best teachers in the Industry. The curriculum gives the students necessary inputs on the theoretical/practical knowledge of the subject with the systems approach. This gives an edge to students of IHMR when they join the industry.

Prafull Kumar Sharma

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