Thursday, 28 May 2015

MBA Human Resource Management in New Dimension

Frequently asked questions
Why Should one pursue a course in both sectoral ( health and hospital) and functional ( Human Resource Management ) Specialization?
 Present and future times are of specialization, super specialization.  Employers wish  to spend least time and money in  training the entry level workforce and expect the young entrants to take responsibility and be accountable for results with least gestation time. All industries have their own unique nuances, of trade and trends. Healthcare is no exception. The rapidly growing healthcare industry needs professionally qualified people to manage affairs and operations. People, who are equipped with managerial competencies and also understand healthcare settings. Being service sector and because of nature of services,   dependence  on diverse  people is certain. To manage diverse workforce, professionally qualified managers skilled in “people dealing” are required. Thus a functional specialization in human resource management in context of   healthcare will be the most sought after degree by the healthcare industry to manage its “people related affairs”
How is it different from MBA –HR specialization?
An MBA-HR undergoes more generic orientation  in HR competencies which makes the candidate fit in diverse  kinds of organizations. One has wider canvas to paint one’s career in functional specialization of HR. The degree MBA-HRM in health and hospital is specific to health and allied fields. This degree will also build  equal range of HR competencies as a plain MBA-HR, and simultaneously ground the candidates to health sector specificities. The candidates pursuing this course will have grounded foundation  of health policy, health organizations, health services and health management in addition to human resource management specialization. The course will offer custom-fit HR managers  to healthcare industry.
How is it different from MBA-Health and Hospital
An MBA-Health and Hospital will have skills and competencies to work as a manager in any domain of healthcare organization or hospital like, quality, operations, marketing, knowledge management, consultancy, human resource management and like. In contrast,   MBA-HRM in health and hospital prepares the candidate to work in HR department of health and hospital setups. Most of the first year foundation courses have the same focus as MBA health and hospital, it is the second year courses where the departure is more towards intense and rigorous  grooming in HR competencies in the MBA-HRM in Health and hospital course.
What are the Job opportunities after completion of this course?
The job avenues are many and plenty. Healthcare in India is delivered through public sector,  private sector  and set ups under public-private-partnership models. The health sector encapsulates public health infrastructure like NRHM, sub-centres, Primary Health Centres, Community Health Centres, district, state and national  level  Government hospitals, Health Ministry, Health Programmes, NGOs,  INGOs, Private sector players like  hospitals, Corporate hospitals, Charitable Hospitals, Allied Services like  Pharmaceuticals, healthcare delivery, health care support services, healthcare equipments, healthcare insurance, healthcare consultancy, tele-medicines, health tourism etc. Since all of these have people working in the setups, the course offers avenues in the HR department of these setups.

Will this degree provide me enough knowledge that I am an expert on the subject?
The degree is built around contemporary competencies required by the healthcare industry in the domain of Human Resource Management.   The course is intense and rigorous. It is designed after a lot of contemplation, research and deliberations with the key stakeholders. But how much you gain in terms of knowledge, skills and competencies, from the course will depend on your interest, passion, commitment, sincerity, hard work, logic, analytic aptitude and concern for people. It is a learner centered course and if you take responsibility of your learning, then a career in HR in a health organization  will prove exciting and rewarding.

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