Thursday, 14 May 2015

MBA Human Resource Management in Health and Hospital

Why Should one pursue a course in both sectoral ( health and hospital) and functional ( Human Resource Management ) Specialization?

 Present and future times are of specialization, super specialization.  Employers wish to spend least time and money in training the entry level workforce and expect the young entrants to take responsibility and be accountable for results with least gestation time. All industries have their own unique nuances, of trade and trends. Healthcare is no exception. The rapidly growing healthcare industry needs professionally qualified people to manage affairs and operations. People, who are equipped with managerial competencies and also understand healthcare settings. Being service sector and because of nature of services,   dependence on diverse people is certain. To manage diverse workforce, professionally qualified managers skilled in “people dealing” are required. Thus a functional specialization in human resource management in context of healthcare will be the most sought after degree by the healthcare industry to manage its “people related affairs”.