Friday, 24 January 2014

Careers in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for MBA in Rural Management

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) refers to the use of computers, mobile, television, email, radio, computer software and other audio-visual systems which enable users to access, store, transmit and manipulate information electronically in a digital form. 

In a fast globalizing world ICT’s are creating new ways of communicating, doing business, and delivering services. Several e-governance projects initiated by the Indian state attempt to improve the reach, enhance the base, minimize the processing costs for increasing transparency and contributing to efficient and accountable functioning of several govt. line departments.

Some of the successful ICT projects in India include Gyandoot, ITC e-Choupal, HP iCommunity. They have successfully worked with rural communities to develop innovative use of information technology for successful setting of agro business supply and marketing chains, dissemination of vital information for improving agriculture, better and affordable health and education services, etc.

There is a growing demand for Rural Management professionals for implementation of ICTs in rural areas. They could act as 'techno-catalytic' resources and facilitate rural masses for better connectivity with outside world to stimulate sustainable economic growth, improve service delivery, promote good governance and social accountability.

MBA in Rural Management at IIHMR offers courses that develop the requisite computer skills, analytical aptitude and knowledge base to take up the challenges of positive rural transformation.