Friday, 24 January 2014

Alumnis of Rural Management

Rajshree, PGDRM 01

Project Manager, Reliance Foundation, BIJ project, Modasa Cluster, Gujarat.

Major Job responsibility includes facilitating villagers to form institutions and processes for development of their villages. In BIJ program, I am able to empathize with the situation of rural communities’. It gives me an opportunity to interact with rural communities, understanding them, living some part of me with them. 

My course in rural management at IIHMR prepared me for professional challenges in the rural development sector and taught me the values of centrality of community participation and ownership in rural development processes.


Arvind Goutam, PGDRM 01

Technical Resource Person, Centre for Micro Finance, Jaipur

(Working in program support team to F-NGOs partners in MPoWeR  in Western Rajasthan )

Knowledge gained during my development education at Rural Management course at IIHMR enabled me for community facilitation and vision building exercise for an interventions in planting orchards. Together we managed to establish sustainable livelihood assets for the community. 


Rittika Brahamchari, PGDRM 02

Research Officer in IIHMR Kolkata
Working in projects- Future Health Systems (FHS) funded by DFID and STEPS Centre’s (Social, Technological and Environmental Pathways to Sustainability) uncertainty project on climate change and livelihoods in the difficult inaccessible terrain of Sunderbans, West Bengal funded by the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). 

The rural management education at IIHMR has been the backbone of my professional experience. Apart from developing my skills and competencies required in this field it has made me realize the importance of linking theoretical knowledge with practical experience in the field. 


Aditya Sharma, PGDRM 02

Working as Trainee Officer at Foundation For Ecological Security (FES), Rajasthan. 

Working on Natural Resource Management with special emphasis on Commons, Ecological Restoration and Regeneration by involving community level democratic structures.

Education in rural management contributed very much in developing in-depth knowledge and provided me with glasses to see real perspective of rural development scenario. 

Sustainability resides in ownership and participation of community and to make it possible or to facilitate it, rural development professionals are really needed for effective implementation of rural development schemes. It is the duty of young minds to identify and bridge the increasing gap between rich and poor, India and Bharat and Rural and Urban.


Rajesh Prasad, PGDRM 02

Programme Manager, Vidarbha Nature Conservation Society, Maharashtra

Job responsibilities include addressing issues of forest conservation and tribal livelihoods in Maharashtra 

Knowledge and perspective gained in the rural management course has been guiding my participation in interventions in challenging areas for ensuring conservation of forests and developing innovative livelihood solutions for tribal communities. 


Deepali Solanki, PGDRM 02

Technical Expert at Gujarat State Watershed Management Authority, Gujarat

The insights and perspective gained from all we had been taught in PGDRM is very useful especially in project management and natural resource management.