Monday, 29 May 2017

School of Rural Management Alumni Manish Kalwaniya sharing his experience at IIHMR University

Convocation 2017

In everyone life there is a turning point where everything becomes change; it could be either positive or negative and same thing happened with me. This journey started on the day when I came in IIHMR first day and meet DrGoutam Sadhu, Dr Susmit Jain. I am ever grateful to both of them because they guided me to choose the right path. 

When I decided to carry out my post-graduation from IIHMR University I faced some problems but because of support of my batch mates and faculties, I try to overcome all the problems and go ahead for next step. I enjoyed every movement of this two-year journey with IIHMR and with my colleague, then if I say about field visits, classroom assignments, presentation, exams and Mather sir assignment, Tanjul mam internal examinations as well. All the things gave me a lot of practical knowledge, understanding about peoples and changed my way of thinking. I will always thankful to all faculties, my family and friends who assisted me in taking the decision about my future and their guidance and direction helped me in achieving my goal and because of their efforts and guidance, today I’m happily working with National Health System Resource Center, New Delhi. Today I’m so happy because I successfully completed my post-graduation in Rural Management from IIHMR University; and getting my degree, it’s a proud moment for me as well for my family to see myself at this position. I am grateful to IIHMR and its Faculty to building a platform which does not only enhance my skills as well made me more equipped to handle all kind of situations. I am so glad that I chose this path, even though it changed quite a bit from when I started college. Along with my college journey, I have learned so much about myself in many ways that I can't describe. But today I’m also feeling alone because from today I will not be part of IIHMR. Now I have to carry out my journey alone. But good thing is that IIHMR made me more skilled and ready to take the challenge and how to handle same and hope I will always get the support of all the faculties and friends in my life. 

 To end I would like to thank my parents as wall Dr Goutam Sadhu or Ms. Ratna Verma who always believe on me and support me on each and every step, I will always look forward to your support and guidance. I request all my friends please always be in touch with everyone.

Written by Manish Kalwaniya
Alumni School of Rural Management - IIHMR University

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