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Operations management is the design, operation, and improvement of the processes and systems thatcreate and deliver the organization's products and services. The goal of operations management is to moreeffectively and efficiently produce and deliver the organization's products and services. Manufacturingorganizations have successfully employed the programs, techniques, and tools of operations improvementfor many years. Recently, leading healthcare organizations have begun to employ the same tools. Theobjective of this MDP is to apply operations management philosophies, techniques, and tools in healthcare for making the healthcare delivery efficient and effective.

The programme will cover the following Operation Management (OM) techniques in healthcare
• Introduction to Modern Operations Management tools and techniques in Healthcare.

• Healthcare Project Management through PERT: The Gantt chart, Program Evaluation and Review
Technique (PERT) and the Critical Path Method (CPM) in healthcare project management. Case
Study/Exercise Solutions using QM software/MS Project Professional (a project management
software program, developed and sold by Microsoft).

• Forecasting techniques and approaches in health care operations. Case Study Solutions using
software/Microsoft Excel.

• Resource allocation through Linear Programming (LP) methodology. Applications of LP in
assingments and transportation/distribution problems. Case Study/Exercise Solutions using

• Facility Location and Layout techniques in health care. Location Break Even Analsis, Factor Rating
Method in health facility location, Center of gravity method and GIS in Healthcare location. Layout
planning using SLP, Load Distance Analysis, Computersied layout analysis.

• Supply Chain and Inventory Management techniques. EOQ, JIT, ABC/VEN analysis techniques.

• Quality Management tools & techniques in healthcare. TQM, Six-Sigma, Lean & VSM in
Healthcare, Control Charts, 7 QC tools, Pareto Chart, Fishbone diagram, Scatter Diagram,
Histogram, Control Charts in healthcare. Introduction to NABH/JCI Standards. Case Study
Solutions using software, Microsoft Office Visio (diagramming and vector graphics application of
the Microsoft Office family).

• Queuing & Capacity planning in healthcare services. Single Server/Multi-Server, Queuing Cost
Analysys, Case Study Solutions using software.

The programme will train the participants in using Software for Decision Sciences, Microsoft Excel, MS
Project Professional 2010 and Microsoft Visio using cases and exercises in healthcare management.

The programme is designed for Hospital CEOs, Managing Directors, Administrative Officers, Medical
Superintendents, Medical directors, Nursing directors, Hospital Managers, Manager Operations - Quality
managers, Quality Assurance Officers, HMIS Officers/Consultants, Public Health Consultants, Doctors,
Healthcare consultants, Supply Chain Managers, Hospital Operations Executives, Distribution and
Logistics Managers with substantial managerial responsibilities, interests, and motivation to learn and
improve healthcare services.

For more information download brochure - https://goo.gl/uIFwos
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