Monday, 8 February 2021

Pradanya-2021 (Session 4)

 Join us for Plenary Session IV of the Annual Global Conference on ‘Digital Health, Sustainable Development and Wellbeing’ on February 3, 2021. The focus will be on ‘Can Community be Engaged for Achieving Universal Health Coverage?’

Dr. Abhay Bang, Founder & Director, SEARCH, INDIA will chair the plenary that will have speakers Dr. Nirmala Nair, Doctor at Ekjut, Jharkhand, INDIA; Dr. Chandrakant Lahariya, National Professional Officer, WHO India, Lead Author of the Book “Till We win: India's Fight Against COVID 19 Pandemic”; and Dr. Ajay Dandekar, Professor, Shiv Nadar University, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA.

Dr. Sazzad Parwez, Assistant Professor, IIHMR University, Jaipur, will deliver the vote of thanks.
The 25th Pradanya 2021 will be held from February 3 to 5, 2021.

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