Tuesday, 2 July 2019

IIHMR University alum Prof. Shibu John describes the crucial role of health care managers in the future

“Healthcare managers have a huge role to play in current scenario. They can improve accessibility and affordability of healthcare for the masses and make a big difference,” says Prof. Shibu John, IIHMR University alum. Since completing his Post Graduate Diploma in Health Management in 1998, Prof. John has had a prolific career in industry as well as academia. The Professor at Jamia Hamdard University reveals how the PGDHM paved the way for a satisfying career and what lies ahead for future professionals in the field.

Prof. John started his career as Executive – Project Planning and Coordination with Fortis Healthcare. He asserts that his time at IIHMR University had prepared him for the challenges he would face in the industry. “The strength of faculty team at IIHMR University is unparalleled. Many of them have gained International exposure working with the big players in the healthcare sector including the WHO and UNICEF. Being trained and mentored by them is a huge advantage when you start your career,” he reflects.

According to Prof. John, the faculty team at IIHMR University leads by example. Their work on the ground in the healthcare sector inspires students to be hands on at the grassroot level. He believes this practical exposure along with a holistic learning experience at the university moulds responsible professionals for the healthcare sector. “The University has created an all round encouraging environment for students to realize their potential. Evolving, industry oriented curriculum to well equipped library, everything is geared to transform students into strong health care administrators and managers,” he asserts.

Equipped with the required skills, graduates from IIHMR University make their mark in various roles in the healthcare sector. Talking about the scope in the industry, Prof. John claims that most jobs in the field today have to do with resource management. “Doctors have to offer medical care to a lot of patients, but they have limited resources. So, the industry requires professionals with managerial skills to make optimum and effective use of the resources,” he says reminding future professionals of their crucial role in the industry.

Alum Mr. Gulshan Baweja tells us how IIHMR University laid the foundation for his rewarding career

“In the competitive landscape, the most important attribute for students graduating from management institutes is leadership. When combined with requisite knowledge, leadership qualities can help students make their place in any field they choose,” says Mr. Gulshan Baweja, Founder and CEO, Yuva Healthcare Skilling. The IIHMR University alum batch 1996 – 98 himself went on to gain further credentials from top institutes before building a prolific career in the industry. He breaks down the formula for success in healthcare industry.

INSEAD, ISB are just of the institutes where Mr. Baweja honed his skills. But he knows that things began when he enrolled for his program at IIHMR University, Jaipur. As a part of the first batch, he admits that there were some issues initially, but things sorted out in the second year of the program. “Soon everyone was talking about the change we could bring to hospitals and healthcare sector. It’s almost like a case study of how hospitals are performing efficiently after employing someone from management cadre,” he says proudly.

On an individual level Mr. Baweja believes that his time at IIHMR University was of a complete metamorphosis as he went from being a young student to a well groomed professional with a solid knowledge of the industry. Highlighting the unique aspects of learning at the institute he says, “It is indeed a great institute for learning and the collaboration with Johns Hopkins University gives it an advantage. Nobody else brings that kind of experience and pedagogies to the table to give students the competitive edge.”

According to Mr. Baweja, all graduates of the university carry a proud lineage and legacy. It encourages them to be Champions at everything they do. With the government’s focus on Ayushman Bharat scheme, he believes there will be more avenues and opportunities for new graduates to prove themselves. “Healthcare is multifaceted and includes pharma, providers, technology etc. The government wants to partner with private healthcare providers to provide services to 50 crore people. The sector is opening up and trained managers in the field will lead the way,” he says pointing towards a brighter future.