Wednesday, 18 December 2019

35 Year Logo of Excellence of IIHMR University launched by Shri Bhanwar Singh Bhati and Dr. Subhash Garg

State Minister for Higher Education, Mr. Bhanwar Singh Bhati  and Minister for  Technical and Sanskrit Education, Dr. Subhash Garg, unveiled the 35-year logo of excellence at the 3rd Annual Higher Technical Education and HR Conclave 2019 held in Jaipur today. The Minister was accompanied by Mr. Pradeep Kumar Borad, Commissioner, College Education & Special Secretary, Higher Education, Ms. Shuchi Sharma, Secretary, Higher and Technical Education, and President, IIHMR University, Dr. Pankaj Gupta among other dignitaries on the dais. This year is marked as 35th year of Excellence of IIHMR University.

On the Occasion, Dr. Pankaj Gupta said that we are thrilled to have launched our 35 years of legacy logo in a glittering ceremony by Hon’ble Ministers Sh. Bhanwar Singh Ji, Dr. Subhash Garg Ji, secretaries and other dignitaries of the Government of Rajasthan. The logo represents 35 years - and counting - of our commitment to health management and health research.

Monday, 9 December 2019

SAARC Regional Workshop for “Implementation on TB - Tobacco collaborative activities and development of Guidelines on TB – Tobacco”

A 2 Day SAARC Regional Workshop for “Implementation on TB - Tobacco collaborative activities and development of Guidelines on TB – Tobacco” was at IIHMR University on 4 & 5 December 2019. Almost 25 participants from 8 SAARC Countries – Afghanistan, Bhutan, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka  actively participated  to set guidelines on TB-Tobacco. The workshop was Jointly organized by SAARC Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS Centre, (STAC) Nepal, Central TB Division, India, and IIHMR University, Jaipur. Director, SAARC TB & HIV/AIDS Centre, Kathmandu, Nepal, Dr Ramesh K. Kharel and Joint Director – TB, Central TB Division, MoHFW, GoI, Dr Sanjay K. Mattoo were the keynote speakers for the program.

The objective of the program was to increase awareness and sharing of best practices regarding the important of integrating tobacco cessation into TB programs; enhancing leadership skills to affect policy development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation as well strategic communication and establishing partnership and knowledge sharing between tobacco control and TB experts. The workshop had various sessions including Understanding Tuberculosis and Tobacco Control in SAARC; Developing a strategic leadership mindset; and Monitoring Tobacco free health care.

On the occasion, Dr Pankaj Gupta, President IIHMR University said “We are committed to handling the issue of tobacco, in this regard, our campus has recently pledged to being smoking free. While we are working on TB, we should be aware about what’s working and what’s not working and use this data for future reference and discussion. We will do well when we create ‘next practices’, so let’s work together and focus to create these next practices.

On his theme address, Dr S D Gupta, Chairman, IIHMR University said “Approximately 10 million new cases of TB are recorded every year and almost 2 million die of TB every year. The ratio between the new cases and death due to TB is 1/5. We are facing two epidemics; one is TB and the other of smoking. They are both interrelated and a cause of concern. Smoking increases the risk of TB by 20%. If we reduce smoking, the deaths due to this associated risk can be significantly reduced.  Byintegratin tobacco cessation in TB control program we can reduce TB deaths by at least 20%. India’s commitment to lower TB deaths by 2025 is and advancement of 5 years with respect to the SDG which are to be achieved by 2030. This huge commitment needs all of us to come together.

On his Keynote address, Director, SAARC TB & HIV/AIDS Centre, Kathmandu, Nepal, Dr Ramesh K. Kharel,  said that Tuberculosis is a central issue globally. It is preventable and curable, but we have been fighting for more than five decades and there are many gaps. Today, we have infections related to TB, MDR, XDR and we don’t know what’s next. TB is related with poverty. A common guideline for TB and Tobacco is very important and we have assembled here to address this issue.

Joint Director – TB, Central TB Division, MoHFW, GoI, Dr Sanjay K. Mattoo, said that AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria are some of the gravest communicable diseases in the public health sector. Of the three, tuberculosis presents the biggest challenge in terms of morbidity and mortality. It’s an ancient disease and one we’ve not been able to eradicate. Almost 25% of new tuberculosis cases are in India and almost 35-40% cases are from SAARC countries.

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

IIHMR University’s global conference ‘Pradanya 2019’ concludes with a call to support healthcare innovators

The 24th edition of IIHMR University’s annual international conference Pradanya 2019 successfully concluded on 25, 2019. The theme of the three-day event this year was “Future of Healthcare: Globalization, Local Innovations and You.” More than 45 experts from India and abroad in the fields of healthcare, pharmaceuticals, the development sector and allied industries addressed the audiences. They were engaged in six panel discussions organized around sub-themes of the conference such as Using technology to enhance healthcare efficiency; Value-based healthcare and tackling price transparency; New directions in preventive healthcare; Purpose-driven start-up’s and innovation for health impact; and Strategies for effective implementation of SDG’s 2030.

An array of policy makers from states and the Center graced the event with their presence. Some prominent names include Shri Yaduvendra Mathur (IAS), Special Secretary, NITI Aayog; Dr. Sujata Saunik (IAS), Addl. Chief Secretary, Dept of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Govt. of Maharashtra; Shri Naveen Jain, Secretary, Dept of Skill, Employment & Entrepreneurship Development, Govt of Rajasthan; Dr. Manish Diwan, Head, Strategic Partnership & Entrepreneurship, Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC), Govt. of India; Dr. Nimesh G. Desai, Director, Institute of Human Behaviour & Allied Sciences (IHBAS), Govt. of India; and Dr. Harsh Shah, State Program Manager, National Health Mission, Govt. of Gujarat.

Other participating dignitaries included Dr. Kapil Garg, Director, Paras Hospitals Group, Jaipur; Dr. Sheenu Jhawar, Director, Apex hospital, Jaipur; Dr. Pankaj Gupta, Head-Digital Health, Access Health International; Dr. Narayana Prasad, Director, Public Health Literacy, Boston; Dr. Gaurav Talwar, GM, IBM; Dr. Mala Airun, Zonal Clinical Director, Narayan Multispecialty Hospital; Dr. Sudarshan Jain, Secretary General, Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance; Dr. Rahul Pandey, Operations Officer, The World Bank; Dr. Devendra Khandait, Deputy Director, India Office, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; and Dr. Richa Singh Debgupta, Vice President, Fortis Healthcare.

Said Dr. Pankaj Gupta, President, IIHMR University, Jaipur: “Since the last 23 years, ‘Pradanya’ has been focusing on the most relevant and burning topics of healthcare that have immense significance for India and rest of the world. The intellectual churning generated during the event will give a long way in giving all stakeholders and upcoming industry leaders a better understanding of how to effectively meet the gaps in Indian healthcare and prepare it to meet the challenges of the future”.

Pradanya 2019, successfully concluded on 25 November with distribution of awards to deserving students for the research papers and posters submitted on various themes of healthcare. The names of winning students for best papers and posters are given below:

LIST OF WINNERS – Papers and Posters
The names of winning students for best papers and posters given below:

LIST OF WINNERS – Papers and Posters


Name of StudentCourseUniversityTopic
First Prize
Mayank Chhabra (author)MBA – Hospital Management (1st year)IIHMR – JaipurFabrication of non-invasive paper-based digital health device for early diagnosis of non-communicable diseases
Vinit Yadav (co-author)MBA – Hospital Management (1st year)IIHMR - Jaipur
Second Prize
Atharva Bahad (author)MBA – Hospital Management (1st year)IIHMR - JaipurSolar dis-infection of water to enhance healthcare efficiency
Dr.  Vinay Dureja (co-author)MBA – Hospital Management (1st year)IIHMR - Jaipur
Third Prize
Ms Minal Chawla (author)MBA-Health (2nd year)SVDU VadodraLevel of awareness of government schemes among patients in Dhiraj Hospital
Mr.  Bhavin Zanje (co-author)MBA-Health (2nd year)SVDU Vadodra

Name of StudentCourseUniversityTopic
First Prize
Himadri VermaMBA – Health (2nd year)IIHMR - JaipurImplementation of interventions in CHC Sanganer, Jaipur – value based-healthcare model and Kayakalp parameters
Amritesh MishraMBA – Health (2nd year)IIHMR – Jaipur
Second Prize
Amitoj KaurMBA-HM (1st year)IIHMR - JaipurRadio frequency ablations – an alternative to hysterectomy
Vidushi BhardwaMBA-HM (1st year)IIHMR – Jaipur
Third Prize
Dr. Chaity SarkarMDS (1st year)Maulana Azad Institute of Dental ScienceAssistive m-health technology for mother and child healthcare: An innovative approach
Dr.  Vikrant MohantyMDS (1st year)Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Science