Monday, 5 January 2015

Rational Use of Medicines - A Focus on HIV /AIDS, TB and Malaria

Under the UN initiative for Universal Healthcare Coverage, a public healthcare system can serve at its best only with access to essential medicines. Having economical measures in place to fight major diseases is not enough to extend basic healthcare services to those who cannot afford it. The whole effort of extending the basic healthcare service to the deprived/ underprivileged can attain highest level of success with appropriate use of resources combined with effective and efficient systems/orders. Rational use of medicines plays a vital role in healthcare systems. Essential medicines are still inaccessible for population struggling with poverty and are still fatally affected by HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. Emergence of antimicrobial resistance continues to pose a global problem in handling the management of these diseases. Access to medicines can be best ensured by proper selection and use of medicines, affordable prices for quality medicine, sustainable financing and reliable health system. Irrational medicine use is a public health problem worldwide. Counterfeit and substandard medicines also create an impediment in access to quality medicines. Given the number of lives being claimed each year from diseases that can be easily treated and/or prevented, there is an urgent need to put in place advanced and tangible policies that would ensure access to essential medicines.

The Indian Institute of Health Management and Research, University has been contributing towards this very topical issue of international importance through its flagship WHO sponsored International Courses in Promoting Rational Drug Use in Communities (PRDUC). Since 2003, 11 PRDUC programs, 3 international courses on Anti-retroviral and Related Drug Supply Chain Management in Low Resource Settings, 2 international training courses in Pharmaceutical Management in Hospitals, one each program on “Rational Use of Medicines with focus on HIV, TB & Malaria” and “International Procurement of Medicines & Health Supplies” have already been organized by the IIHMR University. In view of the current global focus on HIV/AIDS, TB AND Malaria, a two week International Course on Rational Use of Medicines - A Focus on HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria will be organized at IIHMR University from January 5-16, 2015.


The specific objectives of the programme are:

  1. To enable participants understand and comprehend the concepts and principles of access to medicines with tools and intervention to promote rational use of medicines.
  2. To facilitate appreciation of the significance of a national and international medicine policy environment and how it affects the course of healthcare system.
  3. To provide key information and expertise towards ensuring better affordable access to medicines and healthcare services.
  4. To share strategies and conscious actions to promote rational use of medicine with focus on HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis.
  5. To expose the participants to practical approaches in developing effective strategies for change.

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